Mojaloop on Azure

Thursday 23rd July 2020
12:00 PM UTC

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One question that came up during this session that was not answered was regarding the penetration of Azure and AWS across Africa. Does anyone have market data they can share?

In terms of availability, Azure have two regions ('South Africa West ’ and ‘South Africa North’) with relatively similar products available.
There are availability zones defined in each, and (at the time of writing) a subset of Virtual Machine Types are available - however some of the desireable models (e.g. L-series low-latency storage VMs) are not yet available. Managed Kubernetes is available in SA-North only and HDInsight is also unavailable.
For updates see here:

Amazon have a single AWS region in Cape Town. VM types are limited, and Managed Kafka and Managed Kubernetes services are not yet available.

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Thanks Steve. @nappzter this may be of interest.