ML OSS Core PI-12 Report-out

Wednesday January 27, 2021
11:00 AM UTC

Session Leads: Sam Kummary (@elnyry-sam-k), Miguel de Barros (@mdebarros), Shashikant Hirugade, Steven Oderayi (@oderayi), Valentin Genev

Session Description: An overview of changes to the Mojaloop core and related maintenance tasks

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It would be interesting to see “Settlement” of Interchange by Invoicing. So Settling the Interchange account would result in posting Interchange credits and Interchange debits (at some level of aggregation) to an invoicing system. This would allow interchange to be netted by the Scheme and billed (or paid) together with monthly or quarterly participation fees.

Can the Settlement system be exercised using the Testing Toolkit?


The original contributed code included a postman script, the roadmap for PI-13 is to migrate these to TTK and improve on them where possible

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Yes Miller - we have Deferred Multilateral Net settlement done already and now that CGS is merged, we’ll have that there as well… the support is there, its just moving over the tests

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As I say, I think that this is covered by the combination of settling by deferred net settlement and not requiring a liquidity check. Our expectation is that the clearing report will result in
the issue of invoices to the parties involved (i.e. MNOs only,) and that the scheme will record payments against those invoices when they are made; but it wouldn’t make any material difference to the system if no payments were recorded.

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