Mifos Lab and Payment Hub EE Update

Thursday October 22, 2020
3:40 PM UTC

Session Leads: Edward Cable, Istvan Molnar

Session Description:

We want to highlight to business and technical stakeholders the end to end open source architecture for digital financial services accessible in our lab environment to accelerate adoption of Mojaloop. The Payment Hub EE is ready for production and this session will demonstrate how Payment Hub EE can be deployed as the Operational Control Center for Tier 1 and 2 banks, Tier 3 and 4 SACCOs and MFIs and PISPs and fintechs connecting to Mojaloop. When deployed with Mifos for account management, it provides an overall end to end DFS architecture. We will update on our market development efforts including OpenG2P and share learnings from our recent performance testing on Payment Hub EE. We will showcase how our lab environment can help institutions at any level test out and demonstrate end to end use cases and scenarios through rich graphic user interfaces including our GSMA Mobile Money API integration and how using the Payment Hub EE, DFSP could act as the bridge between the Mojaloop payment network and an ISO20022 based payment network (SEPA Instant). We also want to facilitate a discussion around potential roadmap items including bulk payment pre-processing, stand-in processing and more.

Session Slides: https://github.com/mojaloop/documentation-artifacts/blob/master/presentations/October%202020%20Community%20Event/presentations/Mifos%20Lab%20Update%20-%20October%202020%20Convening%20Virtual.pdf

Session Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/NcHixWciwi2KT_k9eW3jCXZSyfRkobFc_Sseg2cRwcUCoKNQYI039hx9W9yUOO9l.V8ytmQFpVgLpi42_?startTime=1603692995000

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@edcable I’m just catching up on this presentation now. This is a great (and big) update.

The case you make about Open G2P is really compelling, not to mention relevant. I’ll have to look more into MOSIP and how it fits in with the picture you are painting.

Re. PISP, one of our objectives this PI is to consolidate and package our documentation and API specifications. We’re also talking about a more robust Lab environment for demoing and testing the PISP use cases, so it looks like we’re in a good standing to work together on this.