Leaving No One Behind. Preparing MFIs/SACCOs in Tanzania for interoperability

Monday January 25, 2021
12:50 PM UTC

Session Leads: Ivana Damjanov, Innocent Ephraim

Session Description: UNCDF is commencing a pilot project aimed at preparing MFIs/SACCOs in Tanzania for interoperability. We would like to share our plans/roadmap for purposes of getting insights from community members.

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Who has been leading the initiative ? In Rwanda we tried to setup an interoperable switch in 2015/16 and it failed inspite of support from the Central Bank. We have come to realise participants seem more comfortable with such an initiative including them as active stakeholders rather than just ‘customers’, are you experiencing the same in Tanzania ?


What payment uses are being enabled ?

Well said, Zorodzai. The Bank of Tanzania engaged the license payment service providers in Tanzania early in the project design to ensure they had a voice in its design. As Ivana and Innocent mention, the MFIs and SACCOs have not been as engaged, and so this program is to help close that gap.