GSMA Interoperability Test Platform

Wednesday 22nd July 2020
11:30 AM UTC

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Good presentation. I have a question.
When testing a back-end connector, some of the test cases are required to be initiated from the clients back-end.
Is there a way in which this can be achieved using the GSMA testing platform?
How are these test cases defined?

Hi @PaulBaker,

What do you mean bu the client-based? Like the USSD flow between customer and a MMO, to trigger the MMO Backend system and start the P2P flow with Moja? Something like that?

Test Cases are defined in a YAML file, you can find details here in the documentation:

Hi @brunosmm,

If the mobile money provider 2 is the system under test (this is more inline with the connectors that we are currently building and need a testing framework for).
It is possible to initiate a test from the MMO2. I see no obvious way of doing this without building calls/scripts to call custom API’s.

I hope that this explains my question better.


Hi @PaulBaker,

Yes, now it was clear, sorry!
Yes, it’s possible, during the session creation you choose who is the SUT:

Also in the documentation is explain step by step to create a session: