GSMA Interoperability Test Platform - Q1 2021

Thursday January 28, 2021
11:20 AM UTC

Session Leads: Bruno Martins (@brunosmm), Christopher Little

Session Description: An update on the latest development for our test platform

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Session Recording

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Is there a problem with this use of the extensionList? You seem to be setting by index into the list, but a) these are key/value pairs and should be accessed by key not index; and b) there’s no constraint on intermediates always to pass values in the same order. Or have I misunderstood?

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Can you provide the link to the test lab and GitHub repo?

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@MichaelRichards you are right, I demo’d a somewhat inelegant test for the sake of simplicity! The test could be expressed in a more robust way to access by key instead of index, but the syntax is somewhat less clear.

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From Anthony Evans:
For Chris Little - This is very interesting, well done! Very smooth :slight_smile: Open Banking in the UK has developed a ‘Functional Conformance’ suite to test compliance with API standards. Would you like me to arrange a catchup with the people who created it? You may well be aware of this work of course, but happy to help!

From Me to Everyone: 11:45 AM
Anthony - interesting! you’ll note a theme in this section of the conference to onboarding. I want to try to create an onboarding friction removal initiative and welcome a way to add you into that story

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@RobReeve the github is here: GitHub - gsmainclusivetechlab/interop-test-platform
The test platform is here (although note that we have not yet deployed some of the features that I demo’d today!):