Digital and Financial Inclusion Summit featuring the 7th Digital Impact Awards Africa

Tuesday January 26, 2021
11:40 AM UTC

Session Leads: Innocent Kawooya, Damali Ssali, John Mark Ssebunnya, Nicholas Kalungiya

Session Description: HiPipo, run the 7th edition of Digital and Financial Inclusion Summit featuring the 7th Digital Impact Awards Africa, we hosted panel discussion including one on establishing a Private Sector Led Real Payment Switch

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What kinds of capital are needed to scale these WIF solutions? Loans, equity or grants - and at what sizes?

Combination, but would incline more to equity and grants.
Loan rates in a market like Uganda may be prohibitive for start ups.

:point_up_2:t4: question from @MichaelRichards

I studied and worked on this problem of capital for high risk / high impact start up in Egypt / MENA for years - different market but happy to share thoughts - generally, we focused on influencing granters (like USAID, DFID) to fund MVPs - and then to provide risk-mitigation tools to angel investors for the next round - if everyone in the ecosystem gets on board with that single message, it provides clarity to donors - which influences action. Caveat – challenge of fintechs is that functional MVPs are often much more expensive than other types of startups.

Brilliant. Thanks @stevenhaley1
Any case studies to reference?
We do have some teams that would greatly benefit from an incubator and latter accelerator program delivering the MVPs.

I have some old docs I can probably provide you but unfortunately no case studies - building an entrepreneurial ecosystem is a 10 year project - few organizations stick around that long - send me an email - and I’ll send you our 10 year Theory of Change! :slight_smile: