DA Meeting Minutes 2023-01-25





  • Report on actions
  • Definition of component selection for Mojaloop test (TD)
  • Definition of a Mojaloop release (TD)
  • AOB


  • Report on actions
    • Meetings will now be held at the earlier time (10:00 UTC weekly)
    • SO will modify the invitation
  • Definition of component selection for Mojaloop test (TD)
    • Problems with Miniloop installation: scripts will not work on some Unix versions.
    • We should give people an installation recipe that we’ll be confident will work.
    • SK: what will the testing tree be like if we try to cover all the bases?
    • MdB: it depends on which version of Kubernetes you install. TD: couldn’t get it to work on Fedora. Problem is with installation
    • TD, WC: it just depends on what we test on. They work. It may work on other things too, but we’re not saying that… Come and talk to us if you have a problem, or submit your amendments.
    • PSB: we’re giving the expectation that it works on all flavours of Linux. We need to say that this was based on a particular configuration.
    • TD: we just needed to finish the list…
      • Any CNCF recommended k*s distribution which complies with the Kubernetes release.
      • Latest Ubuntu LTS
      • PSB: we use the latest stable version of components.
      • Hardware: x64
      • External dependencies: latest LTS, but all need to be listed.
      • Add to standards documentation and document in resolved issues.
    • Is CI/CD on the right versions? We need to check, and make sure they’re upgraded as new versions of components are issued.
  • Definition of a Mojaloop release (TD)
    • How is a Mojaloop release defined?
    • MdB: Charts repo does have some experimental stuff in it.
    • MR: TGB is not involved
    • TD: is SK our release manager, and is it his job to define the content of the release?
    • MdB: what is experimental is different from what goes in the release. PSB: these should be addressed by the DA
    • SK: Kim Walters is the Release Train Manager, SK supports her and PM.
    • PSB: should the DA define a process for moving from experimental to production?
    • MdB: DA should define the process, not validate. PSB: DA should do both, it’s in the charter. MR: DA has never done that. PSB: we should do the validation. TD: documenting, not deciding.


  • MdB to check versions in use in the CI/CD pipeline
  • We need more discussion on release management: TD to present

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