DA Meeting Minutes 2023-01-18





  • Design for improvements to Settlement (see comments to issue 3061) (PB)
  • Deploying Mojaloop to Azure AKS (TD)
  • AOB


  • Settlement
    • PB updated on progress.
    • Output was greed and we are still on track to implement settlement in existing Mojaloop as well as vNext.
  • Deploying Mojaloop:
    • DA Issue #93 specifies which releases of K8 should be used.
    • We can skip specifying a Kubernetes distribution, rather rely on the consistency of the kubernetes platform and the fact we are specifying the kubernetes release. We should document the kubernetes distribution used to test the ML release in the release notes. The DA should recommend only distributions certified by CNCF.
    • Which operating systems etc. do we support? We test a version against some operating systems (components, etc.) and specify those in the release notes. Other community members can perform additional tests and report the results to us. Feedback is good.


  • PM to look at the possibilities for an early adopter circle.
  • SO to rearrange DA timetable to a regular weekly slot.