DA Meeting Minutes 2023-01-11





  • Design for improvements to Settlement (see comments to issue 3061) (PB)
  • Deploying Mojaloop to Azure AKS (TD)
  • AOB


  • Improvements to Settlement
    • PB described the proposed change.

    • Two potential performance impacts: decoding the Transaction object and executing the rules check.

    • Second impact will be checked by comparing with JavaScript execution times.

    • What rules engine?

      • Checked systems currently in use: JavaScript VM and JRE. Benchmarked both against a testbed, total latency was similar, CPU use on JRE was much lower.
      • So really we’re postponing the decision. Vnext can still make a decision about what the general model for rules definition should be.
    • PB: We couldn’t put this in a library because we couldn’t do all of it right now and there’s very little benefit.

    • PSB: settlement information will be obtained by the transfers BC and forwarded to the settlements BC. There is a version of the check in vNext. vNext and current should put their heads together.

    • JB shared a reference to the vNext version

    • SK: performance checks are imperative

  • Deploying Mojaloop to Azure AKS:
    • TD demonstrated construction of a Mojaloop on Azure.
    • Anyone can deploy this if they have an Azure account.
    • Test suite (golden path) has been run on 13.1,not 3PPI and bulk.
    • Much more secure than the current VM implementation: security is managed by Microsoft, not us. Attack surface is smaller.
    • Microsoft and data sovereignty.
    • How will people upgrade? We need an answer to this.


  • PSB, PB, JB to synch on how to do rules.
  • TD to pull together a proposal for how schemes can upgrade