DA Meeting Minutes 2022-12-07





  • Progress on election of chair
  • Proposals for improvements to Settlement (JB)
  • AOB


  • Voting form issued for the chair: please vote now (SO)

  • Settlement:

    • JB presented current situation and proposals for improvement
    • SK: we need a detailed session before we make a decision - dedicated call for technical audience
    • MdB: How are the calls to be made? JB: that’s to be defined.
    • PSB: this is an opportunity to get the documentation up to date
    • PSB: can we do this in the full vNext way? JB - this is what we want, but we need to do some more detailed work to make sure that this is possible. But it definitely will be an objective.
    • PB: if we can’t go all the way, we should go most of the way.
    • MR: we should make sure that whatever we do is fully aligned with vNext. PSB: it should be the vNext version.
    • JB: is this really necessary (a point from MdB)? Yes
    • MR: we will decouple settlement from the central ledger. PSB: accounts and balances can be configured to use any ledger.
    • PB: do we need to make TigerBeetle optional within the current system? JB - no. We just plan to do this for TiegerBeetle with Settlements.
    • MdB: we don’t want two ledgers. MR: this doesn’t have two ledgers. The existing transfers ledgers are the authoritative source of truth, and settlements are reconcilable back to them…
  • Agenda items for next meeting:

    • Announcement on election of chair
    • Proposals for improvements to Settlement (JB)
    • No other agenda items for next week.


  • JB to arrange detailed technical session on settlements.
  • MR to document settlement requirements for the reference architecture.

Call recording: