DA Meeting Minutes 2022-11-30





  • Agenda items:
    • Identification and invitation of workstream leads
    • Progress on election of chair
  • AOB


  • Invitations have been sent to workstream leads with invitations to attend the DA.
    • Not all leads have yet responded.
    • MR: should attendance be restricted to the leads of technical workstreams?
    • SO: the charter says anyone can attend.
    • Agreed: we should let all workstream leads self-select on whether to attend or not.
  • The last DA meeting of 2022 will be on Wednesday, December 14th. The first DA meeting of 2023 will be on Wednesday, January 11th.
  • Agenda items for next meeting:
    • Progress on election of chair
    • Proposals for improvements to Settlement (JB)
    • No other agenda items for next week.


  • MR to call for nominations for chair from workstream leads and non-attenders.
  • MR to propose to workstream leads that 10:00 UTC should be the regular time for DA meetings, and ask for comments.

Call recording