DA Meeting Minutes 2022-11-23





  • Constitution of the DA for 2023:
    • Welcome to new members
    • Election of chair
  • Timetable for meetings
  • AOB


  • Should we have a single time for the DA? If so, when?
    • PSB: we can always schedule extraordinary sessions where people in other time zones can attend.
    • PB: announce agenda a day or a week in advance?
    • Raise additional agenda items under AOB.
    • People can always ask for an appointment to be moved if they need to, subject to availability‚Ķ
  • Agenda items for next week:
    • Identification and invitation of workstream leads
    • Progress on election of chair
    • Agenda for following week
    • Conversation about process is pending (PSB/SO)
    • No other agenda items for next week.


  • MR to contact workstream leads and ask if they want to send a representative to the DA
  • MR to call for nominations for chair from stream leads and non-attenders.
  • MR to send out mail describing the decisions on timing.