DA Meeting Minutes 2022-10-05





  • Paul Baker to update the DA on the effort required to contribute payment manager


  • PB presented the Payment Manager Adoption slides deck
    • Work towards 90% coverage and documentation
      • mojaloop-payment-manager-management-api is the largest codebase, hashicorp vault integration is a big chunk and has no tests yet (and coverage), documentation needs improving
      • Other projects (smaller effort)
    • Progress is currently stopped, no one working on it right now - Paul is not able to establish a timeline for delivery due to this stop
  • MdB - what can the DA do to help the progress, define linting standards, CI/CD requirements?
    • PB: not worried with linting, focus is tests and documentation
  • PSB - The topic about what constitutes on-boarding, ie. what is a new product vs a smaller contribution - the current process for on-boarding makes no distinction


  • PSB to Ask Simeon what is expected of the DA in the matter of Payment Manager Adoption
  • The DA must solve item #86 in order to provide as much clarity as possible on the matter of non-trivial adoptions - process and documentation wise