DA Meeting Minutes 2022-09-21





  • Review actions from previous meeting
  • Issue 93: specifying the infrastructure Mojaloop will run on (TD)
  • Issue 85: Payment Manager Adoption: status and plan (PB)
  • AOB


  • Issue 93:
    • Minutes from previous discussion
      • Link to slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1A1iDEN0xyvX7pIYIsqTVmeSRE3pCIMk9QksLlMT_LfE/edit#slide=id.p11
      • TD: this directly affects the code that we’re going to put into changes that are happening now.
      • TD: What version of Kubernetes should we support?
      • Which versions are we prepared to test? and how do we decide?
      • PB: this is clear, which is good, provided we have the bandwidth.
        • MdB: Current release only runs up to KB 1.21. New release should support the latest version supported by the previous release.
      • TD: which versions of KB are we testing today?
        • MdB: We are not testing as part of CI/CD at the moment. The core team manually does this testing. Automated testing is done in the new chart repo…
      • SK: realistically, we need to start by documenting strictly what we support and what versions we tested it on. We have a tree with multiple branches. We’re not a commercial operation, we need to pick a single path and only go for others if we have user pressure… We shouldn’t put a burden on the community.
        • TD: Yes, but… I’ve tried to restrict as far as possible.
        • SK: we need to show it works for some widely used version.
        • MdB: that’s what we do at the moment. We document it in the deployment guides.
      • TD: I want automated testing and very clear statements on everything. We can expand the existing architecture to test against multiple versions and branches. We test against the current version, plus the K8 version which was current for the previous Moja version.
      • PB: the process is OK, we just have a problem with 1.21 at the moment.
        • TD, MdB: Agreed.
      • PB: We issue a notice: from the next release, 1.21 (e.g.) will no longer be supported.
        • MdB: No - we run it on the previous version. If it doesn’t work, we say so.
    • To decide: which versions of Kubernetes are we going to require?
      • The current Kubernetes major release only when we release a version of Mojaloop with new charts
      • “Major” means: most current stable release.
      • Mojaloop release notes will state which version of Kubernetes is targeted.
      • Needs communication with user base.
      • PSB: we need to say what we’re not supporting, as well as what we are. How do we deprecate versions? We can still offer help, even if there isn’t definite support. As long as people know what to expect.
      • PSB: we should think about includieng tools to analyse what our users are running… With an opt-in
      • PB: could we use a log or message based enquiry via an ElasticSearch query to look for deprecation messages in the log… Most deployed Mojaloops don’t just have the standard Helm charts, they have their own different components…
    • We should not define support for this particular issue. We offer the same level of support for every part of the Mojaloop product.
      • MDP: we should say “recommend” rather than “require”
      • PSB/BP: we should just say “we tested against this version”
      • PB/MR: we should include compatibility notes in the release notes for each version of Mojaloop. MdB: we have that already. We just need to make sure that they’re clearly stated.
      • MdB: this should be a clear table.
      • PSB/TD: we should have a deprecation section… MdB: we do, we just need to make sure it’s filled out.
      • Wording is agreed on the issue.
  • Issue 85:
    • PB: there is technical debt in the software. No technical debt is being added, but not all parts of the code have had the technical debt removed.
    • Problem is with unit test coverage
    • Community is thriving. Most changes are in core connectors.
      • Which core connectors are in use?
      • Do they need to be part of the main Mojaloop repository?
    • CI/CD is not where it needs to be.
    • Does not meet Mojaloop standards in:
      • Test coverage (currently about 40%)
      • CI/CD
    • PB: we should concentrate on core.
  • MR wished the DA well during his vacation


  • Issue 93 can be closed
  • PB to create a plan for bringing PM up to compliance