DA Meeting Minutes 2022-05-04





  • Review actions from previous meeting
  • Issue 78: Upgrading node version to the latest LTS
    • Review of actions
  • Issue 88: Preventing or Mitigating Open Source Supply Chain Attacks
    • Postponed due to illness
  • Issue 90: Change the basis of the liquidity check
    • Create action
  • Issue 89: Mojaloop Code Signing using Helm Provenance and Integrity
  • AOB


  • Issue 78 (follow-up from previous action item)
    • Some issues with CircleCI, now resolved.
    • All core services upgraded.
    • Moving on to deployed services next…
  • Issue 88 (follow-up from previous action item))
    • GK off sick: postponed to next meeting.
  • Issue 90
    • Being worked on by Vijay
    • Issue closed: PB will re-open if development does not complete as planned.
  • Issue 89
    • Invite Godfrey to present on this when he returns


  • MdB will continue with node upgrade tasks
  • Awaiting response from GK on issue 88
  • GK to present issue 90 at next meeting
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