DA Meeting Minutes 2022-04-06


Apologies: SK, JO


  • Review actions from previous meeting
  • Issue 78: Upgrading node version to the latest LTS
    • Comments from TGB presentation
  • AOB


  • MR apologised for not having completed his actions
  • Review of the presentation
  • PSB: should we not upgrade automatically? Just upgrade every x months and then run tests.
  • Hotfixes should be done manually from individual repos and do not need to use the LTS version.
  • IM: What about reproducible builds? For instance, when errors are reported? Should be byte-for-byte the same. MdB: we could patch the version in the nvmrc file manually. Master branch will be LTS, we will keep versions so we can return to them. There should be exact version numbers under our control. Change log in master branch should update nvmrc files.
    *MdB: we can build a job which does the test on a regular schedule using the LTS. This serves as a warning.
    *IM: what about library upgrades? MdB: we have a process for managing this, using dependabot.
  • When a release is created, it uses a defined version. When the CI/CD pipeline runs, it uses LTS.
  • PSB: when code is checked in, we should check the version that’s being used and ensure it’s within one level of LTS. This avoids dynamic mapping. MdB: Don’t agree.
  • IM proposed the branching model described in A successful Git branching model » nvie.com. Generally approved, but questions about how we would implement this in detail.
  • Agreed to postpone detailed discussion of how release management should work.
  • Agreed that the current form of the presentation is approved.


  • Some time is available: MdB will work from 11 April.
  • MR will present to TGB and report back.
  • Discussion of agenda item 2 deferred to next week.