DA Meeting Minutes 2022-02-09

Minutes of the weekly meeting of the Mojaloop Design Authority 2022-02-02 13:00 UTC


Apologies: LD, SK, JF, BS, IM, JO


  • Review actions from previous meeting
  • Issue 78: Upgrading node version to the latest LTS
  • Issue 86: Decide and document process of accepting community contributions
  • AOB


  • Actions reviewed. Mostly closed, jolly good show
  • Upgrading node.js version. Discussion:
  • What version do we need to upgrade to? Choices are 16 or 18. 16 is active now; 18 will be active in October. One jump will be less effort than two. Should upgrades be every even-numbered release, or as things go out of support? PSB: we should always update per even release… How is the upgrade going to work? PSB: change to 16, then to 18. Not forced to do that… We will upgrade on every active implementation.
  • So the question is: how will things work going forward? We need a repeatable process, which will be trialled on the upgrade to 16 and ready for use in the upgrade from 16 to 18, whenever that happens.
    *Process will have two parts: initial review of changes, breaking and small. Run golden path tests against new version, read release notes etc. There might be other changes as well. Which really means following the usual release process. This process will result in a series of stories, broken down per component…
  • PSB: It will be important for the outcome to include opportunities for enhancement… Forced changes and beneficial changes.
  • PB: do all repos go to the same version? There may be an interop question: dependencies.
  • Next question: where do the resources come from? PSB: should these upgrades be co-ordinated with our release schedule? General agreement…
  • We should ask if we have resources to do task 1. If not, where will they come from?
  • If we must go to 16, how? First, investigate breaking changes. We should start with an analysis of the document, then move to golden path testing…
  • Next step: set up a meeting to check the documentation. Identify areas where something will need to be done, and assign to teams.
  • We also need a report on repos which have node.js, what versions they’re currently on. Dependency libraries - PB.
  • Broadcasting invitation via Slack - SO
  • Defining the criteria for accepting code donations: set up a meeting to discuss criteria for code acceptance: include Mifos, Lewis. Friday?


  • MR: arrange meeting to discuss node.jsupgrade
  • MR: arrange meeting to discuss the criteria for code acceptance
  • MR: create example document for decisions
  • SK: make a proposal relating to issue 78. Needs to be updated as well.
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