DA Meeting Minutes - 2021-10-06




  • LD brought up last week’s discussion on GraphQL for reporting

    • PB suggested we ask more broadly, “what are the requirements for reporting” from the Product Council
  • CJSON for Duplicate Checks - Quoting and Transfer Services do not apply Canonical JSON transformation as part of the Duplicate Check logic · Issue #83 · mojaloop/design-authority-project · GitHub

    • MDB re-raised the existing issue

    • PB raised an issue with the API design using both the transferId and the message body for checking for duplicates

    • Michael clarified some of the context for the design for duplicate checking, specifically where a DFSP resend a POST /transfers more than once

  • PB suggested that we should address Design issues before fixing the implementation of the design

    • PB agreed to bring up the issue with the FSPIOP SIG and expressed concerns about the data for real world instances of such a duplicate check problem occurring.
  • The group voted on the issue:

    • SK, MDB, MR, LD voted for option 1
    • PB voted for option 3
    • Option 1 was the final decision by majority vote


  • (from last week) Paul to reach out to product council re. what are the business requirements for reporting?
  • @pedrosousabarreto agreed (with @lewisdaly) to follow up issued raised around the requirement for such duplicate check logic with the FSPIOP SIG

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Topic: Mojaloop OSS - DA Meeting (10 am UTC)
Start Time : Oct 6, 2021 12:58

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