DA Meeting Minutes 2021-09-15 13:00 UTC

Minutes of the weekly meeting of the Mojaloop Design Authority 2021-09-15 13:00 UTC



  • Comments on previous minutes
  • Reminder of Mojaloop Town Hall meeting.
  • Discussion of potential mid PI DA update to community
  • AOB


  • Pedro comment on previous minutes regarding graphQL
    • Group agreed this is worthy of discussion at future DA call. JB to include on next agenda
  • JB raised upcoming Mojaloop Town Hall call and passed on LAVs request for DA members to attend
  • Additional request from LAV to provide mid-PI update
    • SK suggested to ask workstream leads to provide individual updates and someone in DA group to summarise them.
  • AOB: SK asked SO for charter update.
    • SO indicated foundation is reviewing all group charters with a view to harmonisation and will bring back any issues to the DA group


  • JB to add graphQL discussion to next call agenda
  • JB to ask workstream leads for a mid-PI update

Call recording info:

Topic: Weekly Mojaloop OSS - DA Meeting (1 pm UTC)
Start Time : Sep 15, 2021 15:59

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