DA Meeting Minutes 2021-09-01 13:00 UTC

Minutes of the weekly meeting of the Mojaloop Design Authority 2021-09-01 13:00 UTC



  • Comments on previous minutes
  • SK/MR final comments on DA principles document progress. Go or no-go decision to submit.
  • SK/MR final comments on DA charter document. Go or no-go decision to submit.
  • ModusBox to present early design thinking and PoC on micro-frontends implementation for BizOps framework for feedback.
  • AOB


  • SK still some outstanding comments to resolve on the DA principles document. One more week of review requested before publishing.
    • No objections were raised to allowing a further week for review/comment/discussion.
  • JB asked if there were any outstanding objections to submission of the DA charter to the Mojaloop Foundation for approval.
    • No objections were raised.
    • JB took an action to pass the document to the Mojaloop Foundation and seek feedback.
  • PBK and IA presented a demo/PoC of micro-frontends implemented as bundled react apps hosted by a top-level container app.
    • Demonstration included distribution of compiled/bundled content via a content distribution network (CDN).
    • IA: Auth context is provided by parent app to sub-apps as react props.
    • IA: State stores are isolated per sub-app so data sharing is orchestrated by the top-level container app.
    • PB asked if mojaloop needs micro-frontends. There are overheads associated with this pattern and we should be careful that we need the complexity given that current moja implementation does not necessarily mandate this approach.
      • Discussion ensued on pros and cons of micro-frontends vs alternatives covering business context, source(s) of funding and reference architecture not having certainty of delivery timeline.
      • Further discussion attempting to clarify the role of the DA in the business ops framework workstream.
      • PB opinion that implementing micro-frontends before v2 architecture is realised is a sub-optimal approach as the frontends would be calling fewer (existing) backend services and the additional complexity is not paid for with organisational efficiency given the current pace of mojaloop development in the community.
      • PBK raised that the decoupling of UI areas brings long term benefits but accepted that the value may not be high when general mojaloop development velocity is slow and limited to a few teams.


  • JB to pass the DA charter document to the Mojaloop Foundation and seek feedback.
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