DA Meeting Minutes 2021-08-18 13:00 UTC

Minutes of the weekly meeting of the Mojaloop Design Authority 2021-08-18 13:00 UTC



  • Comments on previous minutes
  • SK/MR update on DA principles document progress.
  • SK/MR further review of DA charter document progress.
  • ModusBox to present early design thinking on BizOps framework for feedback.
  • AOB


  • SK gave an update on progress of DA principles document.
    • Lots of outstanding comments.
    • Recommend a dedicated meeting to resolve outstanding concerns. SK took action to arrange meeting.
  • SK gave an update on progress of DA charter document.
    • SK has added a new section to say what the DA does not do.
    • JB requested all read and raise comments on this new section before next weeks call, with a view to submitting the document to Mojaloop foundation after that date.
  • PBK and RD presented more detailed design of BizOps framework Authentication and Authorisation architecture.
    • Introduction of ory components as recommended by TGB
    • Epics and stories being created in Mojaloop zenhub
    • MR initiated discussion of documentation for adopters who may wish to chose alternative components.
    • PB brought up concerns about how the design aligns with the reference architecture.
      • Discussion ensued covering details of PB concerns, decentralisation of role to permission mappings and how that could be accommodated in the proposed design.
      • Discussion of budget availability vs cost of refactoring existing mojaloop service code
      • PBK to re-examine the appropriate reference architecture documentation on Authz and Authn to address any gaps.
      • MDB stated that he believes the proposed design is in line with the reference architecture.
  • Call ended due to time.


  • SK to arrange dedicated call to finalise DA principles document
  • All to review DA charter before next call (new section added by SK)
  • PBK to sync up with PB on further alignment between bizops proposed Auth&Auth design and reference architecture.