DA Meeting Minutes 2021-07-21 13:00 UTC

Minutes of the weekly meeting of the Mojaloop Design Authority 2021-07-21 13:00 UTC



  • FSPv2 - contribution, walk through (presenter TBC).
  • Proposal to simplify FSP endpoint configuration (MK)
  • Business Operations Framework “Show and Tell” (BS, JB, MDB, SK)
  • Managing small changes not large enough to merit separate workstreams (MR)
  • Mojaloop Integration into the Actio FCRMS (JO)
  • AOB


  • PSPv2 Portal donation from ModusBox
    • JB unable to demo the portal during the call
    • JB to share demo video with the DA via slack
  • MK raised his proposal for simplifying FSP endpoint configuration.
    • Discussion ensued covering pros and cons
    • General agreement was reached amongst those present to support the proposal.
    • MK took an action to create ticket(s) on relevant github repos and to document required changes and a release process plan due to breaking changes
  • BS presented proposed business operations framework architecture
    • Discussion ensued covering significant aspects of the design, its alignment to mojaloop principles and the reference architecture workstream as well as alternative implementation patterns and potential technology choices
    • MDB raised a question as to how micro-frontends should be aligned with bounded contexts (from reference architecture workstream). Decision made to discuss across workstreams and find mutual agreement during implementation.
    • No blocking issues were raised by those present.
    • Design to be presented at next weeks community meeting.
  • MR opened discussion on question of how to execute small pieces of work that are approved but do not fit in an existing worksteam or warrant their own.


  • MK to raise tickets on the relevant mojaloop repo(s) to document and implement simplification of FSP endpoint configuration.
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