DA Meeting Minutes 2021-05-12 13:00 UTC

Minutes of the weekly meeting of the Mojaloop Design Authority 2021-05-12 13:00 UTC




  • Further discussion of rewording offensive words and phrases in the Mojaloop codebase and documentation such as “master” and “slave” to refer to database replication patterns etc…
    • LD took an action to further assess options, scope of work and to sync up with documentation workstream if necessary.
  • Discussion of recent license model changes to mojaloop dependencies.
    • Discussion of which entities are the licensee at various points of Mojaloop lifecycle e.g. during development and adoption by enterprises.
    • It was decided that an expert opinion should be sought as even though various members of the DA have experience with licensing issues none are entirely qualified to judge potential liabilities or actions necessary to mitigate undesirable positions for individuals or organisations in the Mojaloop ecosystem.
      • JB took an action to seek assistance finding an expert from the Mojaloop Foundation.
  • Meeting ended due to time overrun.


  • LD to further assess options, scope of work and sync with documentation workstream if necessary
  • JB to seek assistance from Mojaloop foundation to find and engage a software licensing expert to guide our position.