DA Meeting Minutes 2021-05-05

Minutes of the weekly meeting of the Mojaloop Design Authority 2021-05-05 10:00 UTC



  • Any issues with previous meeting minutes
  • Continuing discussion of change to Grafana license and its implications for Mojaloop (Grafana changing license to AGPL 3 · Issue #77 · mojaloop/design-authority · GitHub “DA issue here”)). Construct plan of action if deemed necessary.
  • LD to introduce rewording of some common phrases in Mojaloop technical documents. Plan to action recommended changes.
  • Node.js version updates and LTS roadmap, impact on Mojaloop code base and planning for necessary actions.
  • AOB


  • No issues regarding the previous meeting’s minutes were raised.
  • LD raised the issue of decolonising the repository. The following changes were proposed. 1) “Main” replaces “Master”; 2) “Source” and “replica” replace “master” and “slave”; 3) “blocklist” and “allowlist” replace “blacklist” and “whitelist”. The first is trivial, and is already done for new branches: we’d just need to change existing branches. Tooling to help with this may be available from GitHub (AHB). Second, we’d need to change the MySql Helm scripts, which may not be in our direct power. Proposal is to raise the issue with MySql and other db communities and their Helm script owners. Maybe removing back-end dependencies will solve this problem for Mojaloop, winse implementers will be downloading dependencies directly (MdB). Third one - we should do this, in principle. What about greylist? MB: So we change what we can control. Evaluate effort and start with easy ones - LD will do impact analysis.
  • Naming conventions and terms for repo names (PB proposal) Proposal is ready and shared at Mojaloop repository management proposal - Google Docs. Whatever we decide on, we need consistency. The reference architecture currently under discussion will result in changes, but this is a separate question. For third party tools like FRMS, the repository should only have a way of adapting… Where do external components belong? In a Mojaloop community org? The community provides the space, but the DA has no oversight on it. Difficult to manage (PB) These are different requirements (AHB) - there are public things which are not part of Mojaloop. We should not host what is not official (PB). Remove all repositories that are not official ML, fork them somewhere else… Remove prefixes, everything there is official. There are APIs, or services, or libraries, or tools, or UIs. (AHB) Actions: LD/SK/PB to continue and make final proposal


  • AHB to raise potential mitigating actions with TGB and product council (via LAV) such as documentation and attempt to get this task into a workstream.
  • LD to do impact analysis for decolonisation.
  • PB/LD/SK to continue with the renaming proposal and return to the DA with a complete proposal.
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Topic: Mojaloop OSS - DA Meeting (10 am UTC)
Start Time : May 5, 2021 13:00

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