DA Meeting Minutes 2021-03-10 10:00 UTC

Minutes of the weekly meeting of the Mojaloop Design Authority 2021-03-10 10:00 UTC



  • Review of minutes from previous meeting
  • Dave Spooner (ModusBox) to present on Tech Radar for Mojaloop.
  • Matt Kingston (ModusBox) to present on Kustomize
  • Miguel de Barros to present detailed design on reliable notifications (follow up to previous discussions)
  • AOB


  • JB asked all present if any issues had been spotted with previous minutes. No issues were raised.
  • DS presented the idea of Mojaloop using a tech radar to communicate tech trends within the Mojaloop codebase both in the Mojaloop community and to external parties.
    • Ownership of such a tool was discussed with the general conclusion that it should be the DA.
    • PB raised that the reference architecture stream should feed into this
    • MDB raised that it would be useful to include details of which component(s) in the mojaloop stack use each technology.
    • Further discussion and next steps to be discussed on the DA slack channel
  • MK presented Kustomize, a tool for manipulating Kubernetes manifests
    • Discussion ensued of pros/cons vs HELM.
    • It was mentioned that Kustomize can be complimentary to HELM and useful for implementers and/or users of HELM charts where certain use cases and/or configuration options are not provided in the upstream chart
  • Presentation of final agenda item was postponed to next weeks call due to time overrun. JB to ensure MDB gets first slot in next weeks call