DA Meeting Minutes 2021-03-03 13:00 UTC

Minutes of the weekly meeting of the Mojaloop Design Authority 2021-03-03 13:00 UTC



  1. Review of minutes from previous meeting
  2. Pawel Marzec to present proposal to change use of ‘^’ in package.json files.
  3. Kevin Leyow and Lewis Daly to present follow up to API snippets discussion.
  4. AHB to open discussion on renaming of internal components e.g. ml-api-adapter → ml-api etc…
  5. Tentative: Miguel de Barros to present update to reliable notification design.
  6. Tentative: Matt Kingston to present Kustomise as a potential addition/enhancement to deployment stack i.e. HELM.
  7. AOB


  • JB asked all attendees if there were any issues with previous meeting minutes. No adjustments were requested
  • PM presented proposal for usage of package-lock.json and some changes to use of semver ranges in package.json files
    • Discussion ensued of some potential issues
    • No objections to the proposal were raised
    • JB requested to continue discussion on slack (due to time available) and decide upon follow up actions
  • KL continuing presentation of the API snippets implementation being trialled on the PISP workstream, rationale and examples
    • KL also presented how typescript type definitions for data transfer objects are used on the PISP workstream
    • KL took an action to update the README on api-snippets repo.
    • MR indicated he is taking this proposal to the CCB with a view to the snippets becoming the canonical representation of the API in the codebase.
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