DA Meeting Minutes 2021-02-17 13:00 UTC

Minutes of the weekly meeting of the Mojaloop Design Authority 2021-02-17 13:00 UTC



  1. Review of minutes from previous meeting
  2. (tentative) Update on status of IAC contribution to Mojaloop OSS · Issue #72 · mojaloop/design-authority · GitHub
  3. Continuing discussion of updated DA charter document with a view to aligning on next steps for progression.
  4. AOB


  • JB asked all attendees if there were any issues with previous meeting minutes.
    • JO requested clarification on one point:
    • MR explained to the apparent satisfaction of JO
  • Item two on the agenda was skipped due to SK being on leave. To be brought up at a future meeting.
  • Brief discussion ensured around the DA Charter document.
    • Few gaps in the spreadsheet need to be completed before it can be submitted to the foundation for review.
  • AHB raised the topic of API snippets for discussion
    • LD presented current state of progress and explained the principles.
    • Brief discussion of pros/cons and potential pitfalls.
    • Conversation moved to how this interacts with ISO-20022 workstreams
      • AHB and PB mentioned the reference architecture workstream and briefly explained that domain driven design is being followed…
      • …which led the conversation toward a discussion of mojaloop domain vs ISO domain, data models etc…
      • …which led to a more general discussion on the relative merits of a clean mojaloop focused domain core with an adaption layer for other “languages” e.g. ISO-20022 vs a core which takes ISO-20022 (or other flow models) into account in its domain model.
  • Discussions drawn to a close due to time overrun.