DA Meeting Minutes 2021-02-10 13:00 UTC

Minutes of the weekly meeting of the Mojaloop Design Authority 2021-02-03 13:00 UTC



  • Review of minutes from previous meeting
  • Decision on alternating DA meeting slot to suit members in different timezones.
  • Open discussion of updated DA charter document.
  • AOB


  • No corrections to previous minutes were raised.
  • Decision on alternating DA meeting slot to suit members in different timezones.
  • It was agreed to alternate DA meetings between the current time and the original time (10:00 UTC) to accommodate members in different time zones. SO took an action to issue new invitations.
  • Open discussion of updated DA charter document
    • Discussion around how to ensure that DA was involved early in the development process.
      • MR raised the example of FRM discussion two DAs ago: how could we ensure that development streams were clear about how to proceed
      • JO agreed that FRM team had found it difficult to understand what the DA wanted of them.
      • It was noted that JO had not been invited to comment on the Design Principles document. MR to rectify this.
      • MR raised the possibility of using the Adapter pattern as a general pattern for connecting the parts of Mojaloop together.
        • The CCB would manage the creation and management of a Mojaloop API expressing Mojaloop’s requirements in a given area.
        • The DA would supervise the design and creation of an interface connecting that API to a given implementation of a service which could support it - as it might be, the FRM service currently being developed.
        • It would be up to the service to define its external API, and the adapter would map the two APIs to each other.
      • It was suggested that the same pattern could be used to interface with a ledger service such as TigerBeetle.
      • JO approved the proposal as way of managing interactions between the DA and the FRM team, subject to further definition and agreement.
      • MR agreed to update the Design Principles document with this proposal as a way of inviting comment and improvement.
      • Update: the proposal was discussed at the CCB meeting later in the day. The CCB was generally in favour of the proposal, and offered help where required.
    • Prayers were offered for the safe return of JB to his rightful place at the head of the DA

Thanks, @MichaelRichards my prayers too for JB’s safe and speedy return. I did send an apology note as I was without electricity this afternoon - apologies once again here.

Thanks for the notes @MichaelRichards