DA Meeting Minutes 2021-01-13 13:00 UTC

Minutes of the weekly meeting of the Mojaloop Design Authority 2021-01-13 13:00 UTC



  1. Review of minutes from previous meeting
  2. IaC Contribution to Mojaloop OSS (IAC contribution to Mojaloop OSS · Issue #72 · mojaloop/design-authority · GitHub)
  3. Feedback on additional session (2021-01-11) for Reliable Notifications design (Design for reliable notifications on finalisation of a transfer · Issue #74 · mojaloop/design-authority · GitHub)
  4. Feedback on Mojaloop Project Principles document (Review Original Mojaloop Project Principles · Issue #70 · mojaloop/design-authority · GitHub)
  5. Discussion of Docker Hub rate limiting PULL requests · Issue #76 · mojaloop/design-authority · GitHub
  6. AOB


  • JB asked all present to review minutes from previous meeting and comment if changes required.
  • DG presented donation from ModusBox of infrastructure as code to create mojaloop environments in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Includes many production features such as API gateway, gitlab pipelines and mojaloop simulators.
    • Code is currently in a private Mojaloop GitHub repository under review by SK for compliance checking against contribution guidelines.
    • AHB asked if this would be presented at the upcoming convening. DG indicated that a slot had been secured.
    • Technical conversation ensued with various members asking questions about the underlying technology and implementation.
    • AHB raised question regarding where donations should “live” within the community; either in mojaloop GitHub organisation or within the donors code repositories.
      • General consensus that this would be discussed further with the product council as “ecosystem” architecture is currently in a state of flux.
  • MDB gave feedback from extension session to discuss reliable notification design presented at the previous DA meeting.
    • MDB disappointed that not many members joined the session, AHB did not get an invite.
    • In general there are no objections from the design authority to the proposed design at a high level, however some concerns still exist with respect to implementation details. Discussion ensued around:
      • Separation of concerns in the architecture
      • Potential issues with translation between message formats to take account of future ISO20022 compatibility.
      • End-to-end security and non-repudability.
    • Next steps were discussed and it was decided that a more detailed design should be produced by MDB and presented to the design authority for more detailed analysis.
  • MR presented update on update to the Mojaloop Project Principles document
    • MR has significantly re-written the document.
    • MR mentioned that he had received some feedback but reiterated his request for comments from the entire design authority membership.
    • MR has arranged a call with BGMF to run through the revised document. Invitation was opened to all present.
    • AHB commended MR on his work.
    • BS suggested the convening session should be “question and answer” format to allow convening participants to contribute and/or comment on the document.
    • SK pointed out that the next convening will be online only due to the global pandemic and that Q&A sessions tend not to work so well under these conditions.
    • General suggestion to include review of the document in the “what and why?” session at the convening
    • MR rejected the suggestion as he did not think it would fit.
  • JB ended the meeting due to time overrun and promised to ensure the final agenda item which was not discussed (docker hub rate limiting) would be the first item for discussion for the next meeting.