DA Meeting Minutes 202-03-30


Apologies: SK, SO, BS, IM, JO


  • Review actions from previous meeting
  • Issue 78: Upgrading node version to the latest LTS
    • Comments from TGB presentation
  • AOB


  • MR apologised for not having completed his actions
  • What to choose for an example? Should it be demonstrably hard? Is it possible to generalise?
  • Should we have a simple approach to just upgrading? Just upgrade, check that external dependencies are on an LTS version, see what doesn’t work?
  • Script to check that external dependencies are being upgraded?
  • Script to :
    • Create a new version of each repository
    • Upgrade to the new version of node
    • Run unit tests
    • Update Docker images
    • Deploy
    • Run golden path
    • Create Helm release
  • Core OSS team will be able to assist from April 8: Developer resource available (MdB)


  • Some time is available: MdB will work from 8 April.
  • Resolve the issue, then do the script.