DA Meeting Agenda 2021-03-03 13:00 UTC

Please submit items for the DA agenda as replies to this topic.

Current items:

  • Review of minutes from previous meeting
  • Pawel Marzec to present proposal to change use of ‘^’ in package.json files.
  • Kevin Leyow and Lewis Daly to present follow up to API snippets discussion.
  • AHB to open discussion on renaming of internal components e.g. ml-api-adapter → ml-api etc…
  • Tentative: Miguel de Barros to present update to reliable notification design.
  • Tentative: Matt Kingston to present Kustomise as a potential addition/enhancement to deployment stack i.e. HELM.
  • AOB

Quick discussion on component naming if time allows.

I propose we stop calling internal components “adapters” as they represent the primary interface into the system.

Concretely this would mean that any componenet that exposes an API into the system is simply called “-api" instead of "-api-adapter”.

Propose we rename the following (with additional optimizations from @eoln )

  • ml-api-adapter → ml-api
  • thirdparty-api-adapter → 3p-api

There may be other candidates


+1 from me.

I would go a step further, ml-api → tx-api :smiley: