DA Meeting 2021-11-03

Please submit any additional items for consideration as replies to this topic.

Current items:



  • Lewis brought up the da issue log

    • The group decided it shouldn’t be abandoned.
  • Paul brought the RBAC design for the Hub Operation Framework to the DA

    • Backed api that can be called directly

    • Maker checker to be implemented inside the code of the bounded context

      • context required by BC: userId + backend authorization call
    • Walk through the toolsets and their place in the impl

      • Ory Keto
    • Paul recomended we read the Google Zanzibar paper

    • Extended discussion on abstraction layers around Ory’s Keto API’s - Pedro and Paul agreed to follow up in more detail in a ref arch call

    • Time ran out, we agreed to continue this topic on next week’s call


  • Lewis to rejig the pipelines based on conversation
  • Lewis to make a pretty pipeline picture of the DA workflow
  • Pedro and Paul to schedule a call to discuss the RBAC design
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