CoCo Sandbox/Demos Group Meeting Notes: 2021-03-25

Passcode Required - Zoom Passcode: *5a7k0k4


  1. What specific problem(s) are we solving?
  • Entrypoint the community - there’s not much for newcomer to look at

  • Beyond sending Transfers on the Sandbox, there’s no deeper use cases

    • Once you have payments as a commodity, I can’t explore the experiences on top of them
  • unify the existing demos in one place

  • secure, flexible, free form way for people to interact with a deployed ml environment

  • lower the barrier to entry for new developers

    • help them get excited
    • help them understand
  • pilot in a box?

  1. What specific persona(s) example does this serve?
  • Developers

    • Hackathons? (maybe nice to have… )
  • Participants (DFSPs)

  • Hub Operators

  1. What do we want from them?
  • New contributors to the OSS

    • in code
    • use cases/business problems
  • to become adopters of Mojaloop

    • integrators
    • hub operators (e.g. govt.)
    • legacy payment system vendors
    • fintech (micro switches? local scale)
  • marketplace

    • help build marketplace
    • sell their products on top of Mojaloop
  1. What does “done” look like?

Next Week’s Agenda

  • answer #4 above
  • write some job/user stories
  • prioritize job/user stories
  • make commitments and followup actions

Action Items

  • Lewis to update meeting time for next week, extend to 1 hr1 (done)