Call for members: Admin / Operations API SIG


We are currently establishing SIGs (Special Interest Group) for each of the Mojaloop API domains that traditionally have no formal CCB (Change Control Board).

This call for members is specifically for the Admin / Operations API Special Interest Group (SIG).

We’d love to have your continued input into the conversation and design of the Admin / Operations API(s).

Please let us know if you are able and interested in joining this SIG.

As a member, we would require the following expected commitment and contributions:

  • Fortnightly meetings (or as frequency decided by the SIG)
  • Providing your insights and experience in evolving the API to meet the community needs
  • Reviewing & discussing API change-requests (CR)
  • Reviewing & discussing API solution proposals/designs (SP)

Sam and I will be setting up a kick off meeting for the week of the 7th of December.

Please let us know if you are interested!


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@mdebarros - should this special interest group have product people in it too? This is a topic of conversation at the product council this week - you’re welcome to attend and advertise this SIG as a home for getting involved?

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@mdebarros and @elnyry-sam-k Please invite to all SIG’s meeting for now and later on, we will have a CQS representative per each SIG.

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