A payment solution for Africa

Thursday October 22, 2020
11:00 AM UTC

Session Leads: Lomoro Manase (@lo-wongo1) , Shalom Nwaokolo (@Shalom)

Session Description:

This session will share a broad vision to accelerate intra Africa trade through instant payments and electronic money transfer. The session will detail a POC to introduce darapay, a remittance solution for South Sudan, a developing Country with a largely unbanked population excluded by current remittance providers. The speakers hope to get useful feedback to iterate on their POC and connect with the Mojaloop ecosystem to deploy a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Session Slides: https://github.com/mojaloop/documentation-artifacts/blob/master/presentations/October%202020%20Community%20Event/presentations/Darapay.pdf

Session Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHxWWYsRQ9I&list=PLhqcvNJ3bJt7U8ab05ayGv16-6n5jZOH2&index=28

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Question from Anant Nautiyal:

There are two mobile money licenses already granted in South Sudan (see this news report https://www.mobileworldlive.com/featured-content/money-home-banner/south-sudan-approves-two-mobile-money-services), but clearly from the problems you have cited (about customers having to travel to Juba to collect remittances and at exorbitant rates), it is clear that they have not scaled their agent network or integrated with the right players for remittance flows.

Why do you think the existing mobile money providers have not scaled an agent network beyond Juba to rural areas? This is a great vision, but how does Darapay plan to succeed where other players have found the going difficult so far?

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Reference by Michael to WBG data on remittance and developmental flows. Data is from here: https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/IT.CEL.SETS.P2


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Hi @lo-wongo1 and @Shalom, great work here. This has been a major theme in our conversations at DFS Lab in recent time. I love the approach of getting remittances directly to the end users in rural areas.

I’ll be looking to understand how you intend to implement Mojaloop in a market like Nigeria, especially with the regulatory hurdles. Also, do you have any plans for a USSD implementation? Considering the lack of mobile data availability in many of these rural areas.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any help with technical implementations and banking/telco partnerships in Nigeria.

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We spoke to a cool company at a similar stage looking to develop a multi-currency wallet to serve migrant workers in the middle east. Somewhat similar challenge. After some problem analysis, we found some things they could do before Mojaloop to connect into existing payment providers. Feel free to reach out to discuss. The key was the willingness of the bank partner at this stage to test things and invest.

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We appreciate your feedback, Steven! Would you be available for a zoom chat, anytime of your convenience? We would love to connect with you and learn about what the other company did before integrating into Mojaloop. We can move to direct email conversation, so it is easier to facilitate scheduling meetings. My email is lmr.moses@gmail.com. My friend Shalom is available at shalomnwaokolo@gmail.com. Looking forward to connecting and chatting more soon!

Thank you,

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Hello Miller,

Thank you for posting these useful resources for us! We definitely appreciate it and are humbled by the great feedback, resources, and connections the community offers! Looking forward to engaging more as part of the Mojaloop community.

Thank you,

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Hi everyone, thanks for attending this session. We appreciate your feedback!

Hi Joseph, thanks for your feedback. We appreciate the offer, can we move to direct email conversation to facilitate scheduling meetings? My email is shalomnwaokolo@gmail.com, and my partner’s email is lmr.moses@gmail.com.

Chat soon!

Hi Simeon, thanks for posting Anant Nautiyal’s question!

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